Spike Lee’s MJ Party(c)Patricia A. Kelly

On August 29, 2015, Spike Lee gave his annual party in celebration of the late Michael Jackson.
It also was a street renaming ceremony, and the audience was filmed for “Chi-Raq” Spike’s latest film.

However, the celebration was filled with entertainment and the sounds of Michael Jackson hits filled the air.

The famous ‘stoop’ where the late Ossie Davis, and Ruby Dee had their famous flower scene in Do The Right Thing was a highlight for many. Now, we have DO THE RIGHT THING WAY.

  More of the MJ look alike.

The mother of Jordan Davis

The mother of Jordan Davis spoke. Her son was shot for playing his music ‘too loud.’ In a rare decision this killer was found guilty

Michael Jackson look-alike, and fan.
  •   Some of the participants included the Nation of Islam.
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