Chicago Injustice Reigns…(c)2015

We can’t even look anymore. Another shooting. Another young Black male who lost his grandmother. The only person who probably cared about him.

Lost, and alone, he dies in the streets at the hands of a killer who wears a badge, and feared no retribution.

We can’t look anymore at the bodies of broken Black boys slaughtered in our streets, smoke coming from dying, shaking children!

The inhumanity of this latest bloodbath has us reeling in pain, disgust, and demands for justice!

The lack of respect for human life especially for the lives of  Black people must be addressed as the domestic terrorism crisis it is.

This is why BLACK LIVES MATTER–ever since Africans experienced the “Middle Passage” in the underbelly of slave ships.

BLACK LIVES in our modern urban world of sick bigoted domestic terrorists don’t matter!

We NEVER matter to this evil.

Black-on-Black crime exists, but this comparison to police abuse doesn’t fit because whites kill each other too.

Who cares who murders more?

Is that worthy of some kind of medal?

The Chicago Police Department had some of their own DESTROY evidence at the local Burger King. Heads should roll, officers should be charged, and locked up for tampering with evidence.

If this is what the police can do to cover themselves, the questions we must ask is how often has this been done?

How long has this been going on?

How many lives have been destroyed due to police misconduct, tampering of evidence, and basically having a free killing spree coast-to-coast?


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