Carly Fiorina- Planned Parenthood blood on your hands(c)2015

As long as this inequality’s been going on whose surprised at the latest carnage at Planned Parenthood? Where’s Carly Fiorina?

  • I’m blaming you Carly. The lone female Republican debater talked about ‘body parts,’and may have influenced this ‘lone wolf,’ and got him all stirred up.
  • I blame all GOP candidates who speak without fact checking on what Planned Parenthood is all about.

Carly Fiorina was obsessed with talk about ‘body parts.’

In the ambition to become president some will say ANYTHING they think will get them elected.

Pathetic GOP candidates are actually becoming threats to public safety with loaded rhetoric, and with too many  suffering from the “Obama hate syndrome.” Unqualified for the highest office because of hateful speech, then hide as cowards when their dangerous, fact deprived rants turn deadly. Three people are dead. The alleged killer lives, surrendered to authorities, and WALKED OUT alive!

Meanwhile, back in Chicago, another young Black man child is dead.

Shot 16 times. LAQUAN MCDONALD killed no one. A ‘family member’- not his late grandmother took 5 million dollars. They were brought, and the money bought time, and silence in the mix of a mayoral race.

Until we get as involved as people did when Emmett Till was lynched, all we’re going to see are replays.

The accused Colorado murderer of three innocent lives is taken into custody.

A Black teen in Chicago kills no one, and dies within seconds while his life’s taken without a thought.

What’s wrong with this here?

This been wrong, been going on hundreds of years ..It’s not new, and as long as this analysis remains unchallenged it’s still modern day captivity.

All day. Everyday.

Institutional racism is entrenched in America.
It will take tremendous effort, action, and national unity across racial lines, replacing every KKK, and right wing nut in Congress( and in our educational institutions)to get through this deep rooted darkness.

We believe half of bigoted Americans suffer from appalling ignorance. Some don’t know basic American history, geography, and forget spelling(Have you seen their Tea Party favorites?) It’s sad when this gets plastered worldwide, and everyone thinks they ‘represent’ all of us.

They never will.

A lack of critical reading/comprehension  skills(or none), the hillbilly attitude this is still the Civil War, and that confederate  mind set gets major media coverage.

I definitely co-sign on the “separate, and unequal” treatment of criminals. It’s a historical fact, and will remain a stranglehold until we break down racism, but it’s a fight a concerned people must do together.

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