Ban Donald Trump!


We should make troll Donald Trump, and his goons( who are going to mosques with guns), pay for the stupidity of saying he wants to ban Muslims!

Why don’t we ban Trump from ALL media right now?
No more FREE coverage.

Trump’s now a national security risk, and his hillbilly supporters bringing guns to American mosques are breaking the law, and worse- their apartheid is dangerous, wrong, illegal, and pathological.

America’s stolen land was taken from indigenous peoples.

Now, this BIGOT Trump idiot-(he’s really a little man), name called the president, and speaks of banning Muslims…

A true traitor helping ISIL, and too STUPID to see it.
He’s doing(EXACTLY), an excellent job for the opposition.

The GOP created this Frankenstein who wears an orange toupee.

Let’s NEVER forget Donald Trump took out a full page ad demanding the DEATH PENALTY for the rapists of a woman in Central Park back in the 80’s. Just one BIG problem?

All FIVE of these Black, and Hispanic teens were INNOCENT!!

The city finally settled, but in my view, Donald Trump should have been forced to pay up too.

When in our memory have American presidential candidates gone THIS crazy!
Show him the exit door.

Trump should move to the country of his 3rd wife, and represent his face of racial bigotry.

We must rise above his ilk-take away the Secret Service, and boycott his business to ruin so he can feel the pain he inflicts on others.

“Trading Places” with the poor.

He’s the demon the late president Dwight Eisenhower spoke of, and can’t be defined or defended as a’true American.’

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