Get Ready for ESSENCE 2016 in New Orleans!

*For Immeadiate Release* 


The 2016 ESSENCE Festival, taking place June 30 – July 3, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana, will be spreading even more love to Black business owners with the introduction of ESSENCE Experiences.

The ESSENCE Festival® brings together a community of Black buying power, which is now close to an impressive $1.3 trillion nationwide. This new component offers Black small business owners the unique opportunity to get their products in front of the 500,000 expected consumers who will descend upon New Orleans during Fourth of July weekend. ESSENCE® Experiences will create scenes for community connections and brand building that harness this buying power to support your small business.

In addition, accepted participants will have access to the ESSENCE Entrepreneurship Institute—a 2-day intensive training course designed to offer high-growth entrepreneurs the chance to learn about business best practices from today’s best business minds. They will hear first-hand from experts about valuable lessons in the areas of business expansion, competitive branding and how to pitch business ideas to potential investors with the hopes of securing funding for future business operations. The opportunity will also arm small business owners with the skills needed to grow their business, strengthen their regional economy and bring jobs back to their communities.

According to a recent study, minority women companies account for one in three women owned firms. That is inclusive of African American, Asian American, Latina, Native American/Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander. While business has accelerated over the years, it’s imperative that growth and sustainability continues, which is why ESSENCE® is welcoming small businesses and entrepreneurs to join us.

Sign-up now to be a part of this innovative opportunity to vend products, explore new ideas, recruit leading talent, learn how to build your business, or network with industry makers. Small business owners interested in participating can apply for Basic, Super and Premium level packages from December 8th-February 26th. For more information and to sign up, visit





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