A Tribute to Natalie 

The recent loss of singer Natalie Cole shocked, and saddened family, friends, and lovers of her voice by this news. 
All over the Internet I’m reading tributes, personal shares, and moments when Natalie was present, or in my case when (by accident), you met.

Covering one of Muhammed Ali’s fights in 1975, I ran into Ms. Cole, and another artist in the ladies’ lounge. 

We exchanged greetings, and later I saw them again in the Champs’ quarters at his reception. 

Many celebrities stopped by while reporters/writers observed Ali holding court.

Muhammed introduced her:

“Hey everybody this is Natalie Cole…Nat King Cole’s daughter!” She smiled, and laughed along with Chaka Khan.

I wondered how she felt-always being introduced as the daughter of the famed singer. 

We want to salute her talent, and treasure Natalie’s contribution as an artist in her own time.

Of course, This is It, Inseparable, and  Unforgettable are some of my favorites, and just a few of the multiple Grammy Award winner.

Natalie Cole left a catalog of songs for generations to share.

Rest in peace, Ms. Cole, and thank you for the music.


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