Separate Church, and State in politics now!


Too many ego driven people misinterpret the Bible, the Koran, and other major religions to suit their political agendas.
Separation of church, and state isn’t being respected in this pre-election cycle.
My advice to the ‘candidates’-especially GOP evangelicals–

Be careful what you ‘think’ God said. 

Basically, most religions preach love, but too many “devotees” rather push hate. 
We noticed people like to blame the Spirit when tragic events happened-that’s so wrong.
We all have free will.
We exercise it everyday.
Don’t blame ‘God’ when things go wrong. Blame the human being(s)responsible.

Check the arrogance and insistence things must be as they say-to hell with Divine law.
When the Divine makes a decision, and exercises His will on us, you just better be ready… 


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