Vote!(Bernie or Hillary), just do it!


 VOTE(Bernie or Hillary)…but do it!

The last Republican debate convinced this citizen we’re heading backwards if we pick any of the unqualified in the pack. Woefully ignorant, divisive, and all are hell bent on reversing the progress our president has made. 

They’re gluttons for violence. It’s as if they’re doing everything in their power to pretend this Black president never existed. As if Osama bin Laden’s still alive.

As Malcolm X once said during the turbulent civil unrest –

“It’s the ballot or the bullet.” It seems they want to continue the Civil War.

In 2016 white supremacists are armed. This is a different revolution. One rooted in ignorance of history.

Taxpayers aren’t organized into militias as we see right wing nuts misinterpret the Second Amendment.

Voters MUST make a difference. We elected Barack Obama TWICE.

So we can DO this-whether it’s Bernie or Hillary make sure we pick one, or the other, and not retreat because our favorite didn’t win the primary.

Bigots are now making robbo calls for Trump!

Unite people!

Do we want to write in our current Pres. for a 3rd term? Then let’s do it!

FDR ran four terms…
Too many people died for our right to vote, and it’s still being attacked. 

NO ONE, -not even disgruntled Democrats in either camp should attempt to spread the idea voting is dead if my candidate loses. 

It’s not.

Make a choice. Be prepared to go with the winner either way, because without a democrat in 2016, fascists will win in America.
We’ll see more blood in the streets-programs, and AHCA dismantled…we can end the pandering to a racist GOP mindset.

This is our civic duty, our political ‘call to arms’ is upon us.
Otherwise, don’t complain. 

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