Boycott the Oscars?

Ever since Angela Bassett was snubbed for several roles…

(as the mom in Boys In Da Hood, as well as in What’s Love Got To Do With It), Laurence Fisburne for his performance as Ike Turner, Samuel L. Jackson in a number of stunning portrayals–I stopped watching the Oscars.

Gave up on this snobbery years ago.

Jada Pinket Smith called for a boycott, Spike Lee, and others have joined.  Whoppie Goldberg, and the IDGAF crew disagree so there’s no unity. Where’s the impetus for change?

The Oscar folks live in denial, not only of our diverse lives, but the tremendous historic contributions our artists have already made in American cinema.

Instructional racism thrives in places where artists can’t get the recognition they deserve.

Who’s on your list?

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