This Crazy Race…

The cover says it best, and worst.

Climbing out the gutter of corporate media, the Daily News called it on two ignorant bigots while simultaneously displaying their poison to America.

Racism is a disease of folks who feel inherently superior to the rest of us.

Black people can’t be so-called due to lack of economic power.

This applies to the highly paid ‘coons’ of yellow journalism station Fox, who’ve created a hell for themselves.

We’re insulted with the low character of ‘candidates’ in the bias GOP party, as these Republicans swallowed the Birther BS when it was Trump talking trash about the former Illinois senator.

Now, the monster has turn on his own party people.

We’re also exposed to truant senators such as Marco Rubio who did nothing in Congress, and now want President Obama’s seat, but whose loyalty is not to America’s people, but the Koch brothers, and their 1%. In addition, he’s not qualified by virtue of dishonesty when speaking on the president ‘s record. The ambitious Senator also neglects to mention the lazy racist Congress who’re getting paid to do nothing for the citizens they claim to represent.

A business reality star whose arrogant attitude turns off millions, but whose supporters include David Duke of the KKK. Right wing robo calls…

A neo-Nazi demagogue who thinks he can run a country because he sold real estate? He’s never held or been elected to public office? No military service or law background!

Unqualified to lead!

Our president is an expert in Constitutional Law. At least. Worked as a state senator, and got a law passed whereby all police interrogations had to be videotaped. 

The rich guy had three deferments, and paid for a full page age in the NY Times demanding five teens known as the “Central Park Five” get the death penalty for a rape they never committed. 

Race influenced his actions, and we haven’t forgotten this. 

Even though he’d like us to.

No matter how many of ‘the blacks’ he counts as friends.

Not able to move forward since the election of the nation’s first Black president(mixed with Kenya, and Kansas roots), GOP party leaders absolutely refused to accept facts of history.

Americans elected their first Black Commander-in-Chief, and unfortunately those still living with a Civil War mentality refused 2008/2012 reality.

Things became violent. The Tea Party of Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and the Kentucky duo sat in sedition to a sitting president.
They mocked, went Birther, and grossly disrespected the twice elected president of the United States with such ease, it paved the way for the slaughter of Black men, women, and children highlighted these past few years.

Right under the radar, and in the final years some are just realizing why didn’t the alarms get going?

The corporate media ignored threats SPLC published on the rise of domestic terrorists who threatened indiscriminate killing of Black people if we re-elected this Black man:

…”all hell will break loose…”And so it did…

from Eric Gardner, to John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland…

Keep HIM distracted with foreign affairs, ISIS, and their hatred.

Oh, we gonna ‘feel the burn’..have to feel this burn.

Now, the roosters are coming home.

People aren’t as dumb as the media assume.

Some of us DO know history, and instead of lying on our president at their next Klan type rally, go home Palin–and mother your children! 
You will NEVER be president. Such an incoherent speaker.

Finally, the Trump show demonstrated some questions we should ask the reality star.

Since your privileged–what happened with your education? You want to rise up Jim Crow in this nation. Why?

The babbling Palin is a former governor who quit. She’s bitter President Obama won. Yeah, and we did elect him twice, but it re-opened wider a disease some thought was dead.

A racist nation awoke to a situation they worked so hard to avoid(a ‘Minority’) winning the highest office in the land crushed their centuries old lie of the inferior race from Africa.

Both obviously missed history, and English classes with public speaking.

The front runner is an overgrown spoiled brat with ISSUES…

Do we really want that to succeed Ptesident Obama?

However, even with miseducation…their bigotry, ignorance, and unstable minds disqualifies them!

This is the most dangerous bunch, EVER!
You can’t ban or silence the truth.

Some journalists are waking up, and voters aren’t going to stay home November 2016 Election Day.

GOP truly fears a Hillary, and/or Bernie administration.
Bias also wants to divide Democrats, yet our common sense will unite, rejecting the vitriol to trivialize the nation even further.

We’re smarter than this, and we better be.

If someone wants America to return to the mindsets of the Civil War, any of the Republicans running will do. 

None of them must be allowed to destroy everything our President’s done, in spite of treason, and sedition.

We’re fools if we allow division to open White House doors to the trolls in this Daily News cover.

We don’t care if they’re ‘lily white’-neither is QUALIFIED!image

This is our mandate. 

Vote Blue, no matter who!


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