“Wadda you want me to do, bring a mop?”

Bill O’Reilly quit begging. Trump’s a coward anyway. Scared of REAL girls! Oops I mean Fox’s top blond who gets on his nerves!


This is supposed to be a presidential race, not a wacko reality show, but now it’s moronic!

Until we, the people, organize, vote, and follow thru on critical issues (such as keeping money out of the democratic process), we’ll continue to see rich people attempt to buy their way into the presidency.

President Obama was twice elected, but folks weren’t paying attention to the other half who went ballistic, and never got over his winning.

People gave in, gave up, and as soon as we thought ‘it was good’ things relaxed(he’s supposed to solve everything without congressional help), but the violent racists got busy.

They’re still killing overtime. Poisoning the waters,- schools with molding, and rodents–all in Minority neighborhoods.

We have too many media bigots…(Trump, Cruz, Huckabee),in power. Republican throwback governors got elected in 2010 when Democrats stayed home.

Look at New Jersey’s two-faced ‘bully’ Chris Christie.

What a nasty remark he made to a voter when she called him out asking why he was in New Hampshire instead of helping in his home state?

He went ape…

Christie’s an unfit governor who may still face charges with Bridgegate.

He’s an Obama hater, and threw a tantrum because our beautiful First Lady dared to suggest a healthier diet for Americans.

He must not be one of us, but mainstream reporters are mum on these stories.

Would Christie like someone who disparaged his wife?

Just like New York’s mayor, when you have a dark, or brown-skinned woman as the mate of a powerful man, these dudes act as if some law was broken.

Miscegenation was the practice of plantation owners.

We’re not bringing it back, fellas.

How about doing your job, you bully?

Now it’s time to make sure we all get out the vote & “don’t go back to 1860.”

If we don’t VOTE to send these destructive trolls back to wherever they come from they’ll be destruction ahead.

Trump, Cruz, and now lame Hukabee’s horrible cover of “Hello”–they’re all dangerous!

Wait until Adele hears how they destroyed her hit song…

If we, the people allow division in Democrats, and all this tomfoolery to give way to a traitor Republican takeover, we’re toast!!

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