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We just saw the billionaire’s plane landing somewhere, and they’re attempting to make us notice the length, and shape of the aircraft.

It’s as close to Air Force One as you can get.

Complete with a ‘HUGE ‘ crowd of his worshippers we thought of media’s subliminal message for us to get use to this?!

There’s no WAY we’re going to elect a narcissist bigoted ignoramus, and so let’s remember to remind friends, relatives and neighbors to register if they’re eligible voters!

Seeing that plane was the most frightening thing -for one second we got it, and the message is to destroy the country because a few want to have it all.

They don’t care about us”-–just as Michael Jackson sang in that song is exactly how people feel. Especially people with lead water, or moths growing on the walls of their classrooms.

Cities being poisoned on purpose.

We’d welcome some mass arrests of officials who’re still lying to CYA…

We have a way to fight back. A way to send a message the same way we did in 2012 with Mitt Romney(who strangely appears sane compared to the current crop).

We must use the vote as a bully club to knock out racism spreading like polio in the 20’s.

We must turn out the vote, arrange rides for our friends, neighbors, and remember!

We MUST do this, my fellow Americans. Our lives depend on turning out the masses.

If we wish to avoid the chaos that will certainly follow if we don’t vote BLUE!


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