The Caucus Winners & Losers!


Last night’s caucus contest in Iowa was great for democracy.

The Republicans chose the lesser of two evils, and gave the big mouth bigot his first defeat.

Now he’s mum on Twitter land.

The Democratic tie was broken in favor of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Congratulations to her, and Senator Bernie Sanders. He’s to be congratulated for bringing out the youth vote, among other things.

It is our hope whoever ultimately wins the nomination the other side will support, and perhaps there will be a role, for the other…possible VP.
Unity is key.

Cruz is crazy, though. You’re not supposed to mix religion with politics. Separation of Church, and State. Remember?

But whatever it took to numb former numero uno we’re for.
Now the loser in 2nd place must deal with his own failure, and why!

  1. His trying to act cute by faking his war over a moderator when if it was Rachel Maddow we’d understand(Laughter).
  2. Coward nonetheless, this is his wake up call for saying the wrong thing, like  2Corinthians,
  3. and bragging about shooting people in New York.

Ya think he lost a few votes?


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