It’s with great sadness we’ve learned of the passing of Maurice White, founder of the fantastic, Earth, Wind, and Fire on Wednesday.

Maurice White was born in Memphis, the eldest, of nine children.He became a drummer with Ramsey Lewis prior to forming his own nine piece band with a fusion of African drums, jazz, R&B, that still holds listeners worldwide with incredible sounds still being heard.

Over the past three decades, we’ve had the privilege of listening to the entire catalogue of music, witnessing their performances, and being in their presence for interviews after the Hollywood Bowl.

Our prayers, and condolences to brothers Monte, Verdine, and the entire White family, as well as to the group members whose lives were forever changed.

The music of Earth, Wind, and Fire had a visionary, spiritual, and gifted drummer/musician as its founder.

Thank you Maurice White, for the divine gifts you shared with us.

May the Spirit welcome you.

We will treasure your voice, moves, love, and messages forever…

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