We keep hearing one candidate say,

“Let’s make America great again.”

Well, to a certain degree President Obama’s already ‘made us great again’-HE did it!

Diplomatically, economically, culturally, and has earned back America’s respect worldwide.

But,–hey, he’s a Black man–so it ‘don’t count!’

What Trump means is ‘make America White again’-not including others.

Back to slavery. No immigrants or Muslims…or Syrian widows with children.

Is he serious? Yes, he is.

As serious as Hitler banning Jews.

Trump speaks for the Birther division class.

He’s the one percent, in living color in your face with a filthy mouth. 

The white racist in nightmare mode.

He thinks spending his own money makes him different from the Koch Brothers.

The more profanity he says the higher his polls…What’s wrong with you people in America? 

Imagine everything nasty Trump has said and ask yourself- if ‘Obama did the same..’ Would you have voted for him?

The Republican people seeking office behave as thugs gone wild. It’s no longer a party with any sence of dignity.

Now, they resemble a gang. Yet they love talking about ghetto!

Two-faced Chris Christie is another. Before quitting, and slinging at robotic Rubio,-remember this?

When he desperately sought Bruce Springsteen concert tickets Christie ‘made nice’ after he learned Springsteen admired POTUS.

Governor even committed a ‘no-no’ when he hugged the president(dying for those seats), then after Sandy, and his cheap beg, he called the president of the U.S.,(in the job he wants),–a “petulant child!”

Gross, disrespectful, arrogant, and this is something he’d never say to Bruce.

In fact we know Bruce doesn’t even like him. Had he not made the Obama connection the governor would have been out of the luck! After getting the seats, this bulky loser disparaged the president, and we noticed his condescending ‘thank you’.

Has Bush, Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Carson,-ANY of them discussed the following?

  • A rise during this president term in police killings of Black people, nationwide.
  • The lead in public drinking waters other than Flint.
  • Failing infrastructure, broken bridges, rail projects, and other proposals they refuse to vote on.
  • The idle legislation, and non votes by those absent in Congress. Cruz, Rubio, and the governor ignoring a crisis now.
  • Why should anyone vote for Rubio, Cruz, or Christie if they don’t do their jobs now?
  • The drug problem was here before heroin took hold in White communities.
  • Heroin/Crack have wrecked havoc for years in minority areas.
  • How the Flint’s water filters are useless.
  • How this is happening under Republican leadership!
  • Flint’s governor MUST be held accountable!
  • What would they do if this was the president?
  • Why not treat this governor as if he were Black?!

TALKING LOUD, & SAYING NOTHING–just as the JB’s song goes, so does their credibility.

Have the candidates brought gasoline lately? Who’s responsible for that? 

The low price is the president’s fault!

The economic rebirth in the U.S. Auto industry should also be blamed on him.

Let’s not forget the Affordable Health Insurance for millions.  

Unemployment now under 5%.

Blame our current leader for all that!

President Obama’s made great progress despite despicable bigotry–

Yes, Barack Obama got things DONE!

There’s STILL more he can do.

We hope he frees ALL political prisoners! This would be the ultimate proof they can’t control his decisions, and so petitions should now move forward.

One day the GOP will regret their failure to stop Bitherism, and Tea Party illiteracy by not acting for the benefit of their constituents who sent them to work TOGETHER!

By attempting to make the nation’s first Black presidential to fail, they became failures. Republicans by their own inertia created an out of control Birther Frankenstein in Trump.

In doing this they harm our collective national security with damaging foolish outbursts, threats to Americans at home, and leaders abroad with their talks of reverting back.

They will have, (if uneducated voters stay home)successfully destroyed a nation’s core reputation, and a much needed healing from its brutal history.

The Post-Racial demise isn’t the fault of the twice elected leader.

Without the other half who failed to work with this man–this president-our country, and its people didn’t get full benefits of his skills, nor was there enough interaction with the media to portray the actual facts of hope generated 7 years ago.

When will see the likes of him again?

One whose COLOR, oratory skills, temperament, and moral intelligence they’re unlikely to find within, and a type of class the nation can’t survive without.

President Barack Obama has, by example set a high bar, a precedent in campaign style, demeanor, and diplomacy, not only in pursuing the office, but after he won it.

He’s maintained class, and cool despite fingers in his face, being called a ‘liar’ during a State of the Union speech. Why didn’t they toss him out?

We’re going to miss his style.

When we see the GOP wannabes, it’s obvious we had better not make any of these among our next choice.





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