We saw BEYONCE’S FORMATION video as well as the Half Time show, and loved it!

It was fantastic, pure entertainment. After Chris Martin’s performance, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce gave the audience a great exciting dance off reminiscent of a scene in WEST SIDE STORY, but they seemed to be having more fun. Chris Martin joined them at the end chorus of “Uptown Funk.” At home, some were even screaming as the dancers drew closer. Then came the spoiler alert!

We read the vitriol, especially Rude Rudy’s ‘review’ saying Beyonce, and her girls were  “hating on the police”- really?

Now that’s talking loud, saying nada, but Guliani’s still an attention seeking media hound dog. He’s outdated, and lost it.

Giuliani, never had a clue, then or now, and all he’s doing is giving his non opinion.

Who cares about his reaction? Or Fox News? Or Peter King of the do nothing Congress?
We brush your comments off as sour seedless grapes!

They’re just TOO upset to see the raw power of Black females they can’t have or control…She used that word- “negro.” This drove conservative Matlin to freak out. She can’t believe Bey used the other N word. Well, guess what? She can.

Even with the symbolism, etc., the Right Wing bigotry have given the video(which wasn’t aired), more credibility by mistakenly saying this was about hating cops. Now unless you know about the history of the Black Panthers, it’s my view one shouldn’t spread false information on them.

J. Edgar Hoover did enough damage. Killing more than twenty ‘Panther leaders’ from coast-to-coast, including Fred Hampton, I recalled seeing a map at a Black museum in Chicago, that highlighted the FBI directed killings.

The war against “militants” was one of the reasons many of us choose to study overseas,-just to get out of the States, and possibly save our lives.

The killing of students at Kent State, and Jackson State, made the move a reality for others too.

Now, a new generation wants to learn the history, and already the na-sayers have returned. Giuliani’s history as a racist, immoral mayor disqualifies him from being a music critic. Nothing’s changed.  Is he delusional or dense?

We saw Katrina images, the culture, the language, and the signs that we’ve had enough. 

“She…went too far..”


Some would say not far enough! Have a seat G.

The words, “Stop Shooting Us” are an ignored request.

Family still lives there, so this is real, and regentrification is 24/7.

Now, BEYONCE’S outfit channeled Michael Jackson. Her dancers, the Black Panthers.

Speaking of the Black Panthers, symbolizing, and the new film.

There are surviving members of the  Black Panther party still imprisoned.

Profit made from their stories-ANY financial rewards should include them, or their proven rightful heirs. People who are making money from their pain, really out to reach out to see what they can do to obtain their freedom.

We feel the same way about the manner in which people get rich misrepresenting deceased artists in general while mocking the lives, and disrespecting their hard work.

Truth is more powerful than fiction.

The negative reactions of prejudiced, evil men only prove it GREATLY bothered them.

Guiliani, Fox 5, Matlin, King, would y’all have several seats?

Beyonce’s a singer, not a Black Panther, and perhaps if the killings stop, she, and others wouldn’t have to ‘go there’ but I’m glad she did.

Now…let me have a hurricane, a shrimp Po’Boy-
…and pass the hot sauce.


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