We’re witnessing on live television a stunning phenomenon-
the rise of insanity in the GOP contests for the presidency…

FACTS-by comparison-

  • President Obama pulled two landslides,
  • and won the 2nd election with over 5 million votes!
  • The American people gave this president a mandate,
  • but his efforts have been BLOCKED by a racist Congress refusing to work(and how about replacing them?),
  • and they have done NOTHING(passed any jobs bills, NOTHING, but divide America.
  • Especially Mitch McConnell.

NOW, they have the AUDACITY to think they can bully him.  It’s his DUTY, and theirs., but they just don’t want HIM  to appoint a replacement to Scalia.

Note to Mitch, and his gang- read Article II, Section 2, and #doyourjob!

It’s so obvious, their hatred. Their conduct is treason, and so despicable!  The people are tired of bigotry, and ignorance coming from the halls of a lazy Congress.

The best thing Americans ever did was elect Barack Obama. There are still things we hope he will do to ‘stick it to them.’

Do it for the people who picked you, twice! Appoint, if they refuse the nomination.

History will note the fact VOTERS made NO mistake in electing President Obama!

1. He saved the economy from the brink of George Bush’s self inflicted greed,

2. He revitalized the auto industry,

3. We now have less than 5% unemployment,

4. He zapped Bin Laden…

5. Our gas prices are under $2.00,

6. We have regained respect, and trust in the world.

There’s a HUGE list, so give lying a break, haters.

And speaking of our funds…

Who took OUR Social Security money to fight Middle East wars?

George W. Bush! And he lied about it.

Now, you want us to accept this racist realtor with no experience in government to lead America?

Wake up people!
What we’re witnessing is the ultimate dumbing down takeover by racist folks in GOP’s America!
They want an America gone forever, and refuse to accept change. This so-called ‘front runner’ is already a threat to our national security.

The ultimate example of the 1%!

He likes the ‘poorly educated’ because he can take advantage of their emotions.

Fascism in the making. Check out the history of Hitler. The front runner fits him to the bone.

When you vote against your OWN best interest  you’ve  stooped so low just to hate this president?

You think it’s over color? Color’s been their hang up all along. They are so  stubbornly bigoted!

  • All any of these Republicans want to do is overturn EVERYTHING the president has accomplished.
  • They want to privatize Social Security.

NO ONE should touch Social Security! Many of us have contributed since working at 14.

Leave it alone. For too many seniors, it’s all they get.

American voters will be SORRY if they make the mistake of electing a bigot, misogynist, egotistical bully whose 3rd wife is an immigrant he has no problem with, but he wants us to laugh at others. The media, and now “Morning Joe” are complicit in saturated exclusive exposure as we watch this madman hijack democracy by taking America to hell ‘in a hand basket.”


Conservatism As Mental Illness-See link

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