Why didn’t Mika ask about her nude photos?

Is this a double standard?

Of course!

Speaking with an accent(her ‘immigrant’ origins no problem for Trump),Melania would love to be in the White House, but she’s no Jacqueline Bovier Kennedy.

Remember the 1st Black Miss America, Vanessa Williams had to resign over ONE nude as Ms. America?

There was such a brouhaha. So why didn’t the two Obama hatters(Joe, and Mica, run a marathon on morals with porn made especially for whom?

The revelation staged to embarrassed Vanessa, and she gave up her crown. However, Vanessa Williams became, and remains a successful singer/actress.

If the Republican wannabes don’t cite Trump’s weakness in not producing his taxes, no firm, sane policies, unprecedented use of foul language, and White Supremacists manning his robo calls( Why not just put on the KKK hood, and call it a day)! he may be the one to beat in November.

So why are the Mrs. naked photos on the Internet?
Trump thinks no one can talk about this.

If he can talk about Bill Clinton, it seems all bets are off. 

Well, we hope the Evangelicals he brags about so much get to see Trump’s trash, as they’re promote the most unqualified person who ever ran for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Three messy marriages, and affairs.

His seedy social life with then mistress Marla Maples made front page of the NY daily papers.

Moral character he isn’t, but the point is if these images were of the other side, Democrat or Republican, would Donald be humble or mum?

We can here him now…

This information is VERY quietly being kept off MSNBC, and all visual outlets even as these racy pictures run all over the Internet.

It appears three were taken on his plane, while Trump was still married.

This is significant because The Donald wants to be president.


If WE don’t hit the voting booth as we did for Obama–it’s over. Don’t complain.

Then this is what we’ll see as his wife, “a former model,” and it won’t hurt because he can tell the “poorly educated” anything, and probably doesn’t care if they love those images.

Democrats–let’s pick someone who knows this job, has experienced the full brunt of conspiracy theories, and the worst one is the vilification they’re doing now.

Just do our/your civic duty.

We’ve seen too many people die for this, and remember Selma, the murders of Medgar Evers, and all the people who sacrificed their lives so we could participate. LET’S VOTE!

If this was our current FLOTUS with shocking clips such as this Trump wouldn’t be able to stop talking.

Or shaming…



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