These young men are my heroes.

Their fighting spirit survived despite TRUMP’s lynch mob plea in the New York Times back in the 80’s.

Maligned viciously by Donald Trump who  paid for a full page ad DEMANDING the death penalty for ALL FIVE. 

Referred to as a wilding gang in “Wolfpacks” he openly, and actively sought the toughest convictions.

The five teens FALSELY accused in the Central Park FIVE rape case survived the nightmare, and TRUMP’S demand for their lynching. 

Jailed for a crime they DID’NT commit, but forced to serve over a decade of time. Their youth stolen, families disrupted.

He was prejudiced then, just as he is now.Trump minus any facts used an international printed press platform to condem five youths because they were Black, and Latino. Even though they were innocent from Day 1.

It’s the same way he’s now slandered Mexicans, and Muslims, but it was Blacks, and other Latinos then. 

Nothing’s change.
Some people didn’t pay attention to the insanity, and possession of wealth in the hands of a con man.
Imagine what he’d like to do now with his  latest supporter, David Duke, “Klan wizard.” Just a piece of his past, now president seeking.

“Skeletons are in your closet…”

Trump thinks we forgot, but we’re not going to. His big money didn’t work with the system rigged. His millions won’t buy the presidency now.

Justice finally prevailed for the Central Park Five, and they were finally free after more than a decade of incarceration when the real rapist was identified.

Now, years later they were awarded compensation, but not paid enough (in our view), for losing their youth amidst wrongful convictions. Their story was made into a documentary told in their own voices.

We must NEVER forget who condemned the young men without a trace of evidence.

Much respect to them, and all the best moving forward!

The story of Trump’s campaign to influence the court’s decision with the bigoted NY Times ad is another example  he’s unqualified to lead anything, or anyone.

Least of all this American nation.

 Photo(c)Yusef Abdus Salaam

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