“I LOVE the POORLY EDUCATED!” Video of attack by ‘trumpeters’ at rally gone viral(c)2016

New York, NY–Thanks to Shaun King.

This is one of the most disturbing thing we’ve ever seen–a lone Black female teen being assaulted by a crowd of White men as she was brutally pushed out of a racist rally. This so-called front runner ‘candidate’ is responsible for boiling up such despicable hate.

While the corporate media caves to TRUMP, –Black youth, Muslims students, and others are beaten up at Trump rallies.

It’s time to send a clear message to the GOP-and the clear case of slick Willy talk.

We don’t care how many Southern Strategy states he won!  His gatherings are places white extremists are free to commit any type of criminal activity will, and its encouraged by the demagogue, but we must speak as Americans in solidarity with basic humanity, and this bigoted violent must not be tolerated!

As hate crimes are being committed under the guise of calling the victims “protesters” who just seemed bewildered at their treatment. 

Apparently, half of this nation is ignorant of the real American story.

Trump claims he doesn’t know David Duke or the Klan…sure. We already know he exaggerates, and wouldn’t admit the truth if will cost the votes of his favorite voter-


We have the videos. His genius seems to forget the cameras are EVERYWHERE!

If the GOP party wants to survive they must ASAP–

  • Disqualify this 1% per center-NOW, or take his numbers down at the Convention.
  • Take a vote AND disqualify him, 
  • and make a bullet list power point if necessary

They know(or ought to)how to fix this for problem.

Right now he’s stirring for a race war. 

Not good America, as the world is watching, and ISIS is waiting…

That’s what Trump wants. War monger.

We, BETTER come out in droves so he never gets to act out his reality show idea on U.S. citizens. 

Our country, even now despite the flaw of slavery, broke the glass ceiling of a 400 year trauma on people of African descent.

It would be tragic for us as a nation to allow this ‘rich man’ to undo President Obama’s accomplishments.

He’s been a fraud. We don’t need a Republican Supreme Court. America doesn’t need a fanatic to get his hands on the button information…

HSeriously, If we don’t vote(blue), any one of them would attempt to take us back to the WORST in segregation days.

The GOP establishment better get ahold of the rules book, ignore the Koch brothers orders, and see the handwriting’s very clear in this piece.


Thanks to Shaun King for the video

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