During the past several days, we’ve seen outbreaks of violence at Donald Trump rallies.

Who is really surprised? Really…Who?

We are not. He’s been instigating, and agitating hate since President Obama was elected.

Let’s not forget how his roll got started.

Let’s not forget how the GOP stood by and silently watched how he tried to do a hit job on the character of the first elected president of color. This classy Obama truly got under his skin.

However, years before Donald ever heard of Barack Obama he was doing his best to destroy the lives of five young men.

Why did Trump pay a million dollars for an ad in the New York Times to accuse, and condemn five innocent Black teens known then as the “Central Park Five?”–and Donald strongly advised bringing back the Death Penalty for them!

And they were innocent!!!

Now he brings his Klan type rally to New Orleans, Chicago, and other multi-ethnic communities where he was, and has been forced to shut DOWN!!

We absolutely co-sign!
The real movement has started.

It’s picking up people of all religions, ethnicity, and persuasion.

We, the people, MUST stop the Frankenstein, the joker, the con man, the race baiting thug who behaves as the real ISIS plan.

Trump thinks his best way of winning is to debase it into all out(coded), racial war.

This is treasonous, and it’s finally waking people up. Donald’s a rich, white THUG!

We’ve said this for months!!!

The GOP can disqualify him for his un-American activities, vulgarity, racism, and overall effort to BUY the presidency.

He’s the 1%. He’s the PROBLEM we’ve been talking about. Fat cats who taken us OFF the TOPIC of his TAXES!

Trump(we have his real name),also wants to get even with President Obama as he can’t get over how our president ROASTED him at the White House Correspondents Dinner!

Trump despises simply, President Obama’s class, cool, intelligence, and is much easier on one’s eyes than this bigoted lard.

Trump’s a dangerous, and evil blemish among us.

It would be true what many people of faith believe, that we’re living in the ‘last days…’

Electing a disturbing, pathetic, pathological liar, a sociopath, race war baiter, is NOT on my list in November.

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