Dear Sir,

I’m writing to urge you, and all members of the U.S. Senate to fulfill your constitutional duties set fort in Article 2, Section 2, and work with President Barack Obama to meet his nominee for the Supreme Court.

The president’s second term does not end until January 17, 2017.

We, the people, want this Congress to work for us.

President Barack Obama won his second term by FIVE MILLION votes!

The people’s voice was/is the mandate by which we expect him to fulfill his executive duties. Selecting a replacement to Justice Scalia is one of them.

The president’s had success in his second term despite unprecedented obstruction. Now it’s past time for Congress to act.

Let’s do this.

In your position we respectfully ask you to consider this-just as citizens are expected to follow the law, all members of Congress took an oath to uphold our Constitution, and we expect you to. 

It’s your job to advise, consent and take a vote!

The precedent’s already’s been set.

This final year isn’t unusual, and this POTUS is no lame duck.

As we look at the current crop of candidates seeking to replace him, our nation can take pride we elected an intelligent, compassionate, person who has the right temperament.

Our President’s exhibited firm, patient leadership these past seven years.

We are very disappointed in his treatment as America’s first due to his being a mix of American Kansas, and Kenyan roots. 

Congress has been backwards, and divisive far too long. Also, the difficulty in Congress is the gross disrespect displayed to him (as you well know), and partly based on our nation’s bitter history of past injustices.

Too many ills are unfortunately still with us.

We ask you to rise above prejudice, and obstruction to do the right thing.

The President is doing his duty, historians will take note of it. 

Members of Congress who refuse to give the Supreme Court this jurist shouldn’t expect support from their constituents if they fail in this.

It’s too important for the people who are loosing faith in the judicial process.

We need you to reconsider your public declaration of opposition.

Begin the hearings, and offer advisement as per the Constitution, as soon as possible.

Americans want Congress to do their jobs! 

It’s something you know they haven’t done except to shut the government wasting taxpayer’s money.

Funds to replace worn out infrastructure, or to remove lead pipes in Flint should begin without delay.

We ask all elected officials to work for the people who sent them to Washington.

The children of this country, and the world are watching.

 Thank you.


  1. Absolutely stop all the craps.

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