This weekend if you live or are visiting Maryland, there’s a high school play not to be missed at the

Charles Herbert Flowers High School, 10001 Ardwick-Ardmore Road, Springdale, MD.


HAIRSPRAY is a unique experience as the fabulous Jaguar players make you feel you’re on Broadway in New York City-so professionally trained by their director, Shanelle Denise Ingram.

It’s HAIRSPRAY, a musical based in Baltimore provides a platform not only for the great talent emerging from this local high school, but the entire community’s efforts rallying around them shows the difference family involment makes in a well grounded education.

The play, and the story of two rivals groups over hair, and class is fun, entertaining, and not to be missed. Music, singing, and dancing is truly the best I’ve seen in some time.

We loved the costumes, stage props, thanks to Sehar Peerzada, and Paul Jones, the Creative Team as well as Angelisa Gillyard, Choreographer, and Denyelle Of Denyelle D. Beauty.

ALL of the actors certainly learned, and have earned apprenticeships which will carry them further if they pursue careers in theatre. Ashley Bernard,Myles Benson, Sabrina Alfaro, Shelby Brewington, so many contributed to the success of this play.

Special kudos to those behind the scenes -the student stage mangers which included  Leah Jackson-Barreto, Deon Butler, Nicole Kirkland, and Laura Kelly-Bryant.

Music Director, Rev. Christopher L. Nichols, and his young bandmembers were outstanding.

Choreographer, Angelisa Gillyard, Make-Up, Denyelle D. Beauty,  and the list of  unnamed parents, grandparents, aunts, and family members all agree it “takes a village” to raise a child, and a community to make it all work.

Rather than tell the story, go see the play before it closes, Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 30, 2016.

Talented dances from “HAIRSPRAY” photo(c)Pat Kelly
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