Dear MoveOn member,
One month ago, President Obama did his constitutional duty and nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. A few days ago, I did my job and met with Judge Garland to consider his nomination.
But the Republicans who control the Senate have simply refused to do their jobs.
Forget the Constitution. There will be no votes. No hearings. Most Republicans won’t even meet with him.
It’s outrageous, and we’re taking the case directly to the American people to demand that Republicans give Merrick Garland a fair hearing and an up-or-down vote. Will you stand with me by chipping in $3 to MoveOn’s campaign to hammer away at Republicans in their home states?
Yes, I’ll chip in to MoveOn to tell Republicans: Do your job.
The Constitution is crystal clear. When there’s a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the president shall—not “may”—fill the vacancy with the advice and consent of the Senate.
There’s no secret clause that says “except when the president is a Democrat.”
But this is how Republicans have behaved since President Obama’s first days in office. They’ve done everything they could to deny his legitimacy and stop the government from functioning.
They’ve refused to hold votes on nominees to lower courts, ambassadors, members of the National Labor Relations Board, and the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—not because they don’t approve of the president’s appointments, but to stop the government from functioning at all under President Obama’s watch.
The message couldn’t be clearer: No matter how much damage it does to our country, Republicans simply will not acknowledge the legitimacy of President Obama.
MoveOn has been a crucial ally in this fight: More than 14,000 MoveOn members and allies RSVP’d to join me on a national conference call on this subject. MoveOn has been organizing events outside Senate offices, and getting hundreds of stories in local media. And this week, MoveOn helped organize a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court.
Will you help keep up the fight by chipping in $3?

This is one of the most solemn and consequential decisions that U.S. senators make. But the Republicans are turning it into a partisan circus, pretending that Merrick Garland and President Obama simply don’t exist.
One Republican senator even admitted that he’d support Judge Garland if he had been nominated by a Republican president—just not this president.

That’s an insult to President Obama, to the Constitution, and to the American people.
Meanwhile, they’re doing all of this knowing that if Republicans win the White House, the Supreme Court appointment will be made by either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz—two extremists with whom even the Republican establishment is embarrassed to be associated.
But instead of standing up to these extremists, they’re acting just like them.
This is utterly unprecedented. And my message to the Republicans is simple: Do. Your. Job. Will you help me and MoveOn hold Republicans accountable for their obstruction and chip in $3?
Thanks for all you do.

–Elizabeth Warren
1. “Angry GOP Senate freezes out Obama nominees,” Politico, October 14, 2015
2. “GOP Sen. Toomey: I’d Consider Garland If The Next Prez Nominated Him,” Talking Points Memo, March 16, 2016 

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