The GOP is pathetic!

They’re ignoring the obvious, and need to stop crying—the Tea Party/Birther’s loudmouth is now your presumed unfit nominee.

Most of us have never seen anything like this in our lifetime, -a racist real estate con artist from Queens, New York taking over a major political party.

How did this happen? Easy. No one stood up to Bitherism.

 As we’ve stated numerous times, anytime you allow hate in discourse, adding a complicit corporate media who laughed at his jokes, but dare not press him on serious issues, such as violence at Trump rallies, you get the ‘loose cannon’ candidate.

In the meanwhile, media seeks to brainwash us into believing he’s now president, as voter suppressionist work to steal this election. Only so the 1%(of which he’s an awful part), can ruin the country completely. 

Tump’s still unfit, and simply a rich man with the Klan on hand.

If WE, the PEOPLE don’t VOTE, we’ll truly have no one else to blame. 

IF we allow a MANIAC in the WHITE HOUSE, no matter how funny you think he is, TRUMP will destroy the country, and the world(if he could) because his only concern is EGO.

In the meantime, PEACEFUL PROTESTS should continue.

The people should SIT IN on this Congress and the TREASURY DEPARTMENT SHOULD NOT issue CONGRESS PAYCHECKS if they continue to refuse to do their JOBS by ignoring, delaying and disrespecting OUR PRESIDENT & the PEOPLE.

They have REFUSED TO confirm the SUPREME COURT NOMINEE!#doyourjob

EMERGENCY AID TO FLINT, INFRASTRUCTURE, and more…they said NO to!#doyourjob,and pass the 2016 budget!

How can CONGRESS refuse to even MEET with the president’s choice? #stopdisrespectingPresidentObama

What are they doing with taxpayer money? 

Who knows of any JOB that issues a paycheck for NO WORK!!

How dare the GOP be shocked over Trump?

The inertia, intense Obama deficit syndrome, allowing the country DEFAULT (let by Ted Cruz)because they still believe one of the ‘inferior race’ occupies the White House must stop!

This is sad for the nation as a whole- we still have this inbred, institutionalized racial ignorance. 

We abhor it, but it remains the reason why Trump won, and the threat remains until we fight against his nightmare of a presidency.

We, the people MUST write letters to stop voter suppression, and make phone calls to this Congress on how THEY’RE  violating the Constitution, robbing tax payers while running up war bills, and allowing Birther insanity producing one of the most bigoted losers in modern history.
They can’t pass bills, but blame the president, and are now living like fat cats off OUR sweat, and blood, and TAXES!

Let’s END their PARTY on us, by organizing as we did to elect President Obama!

At the top of our agenda now should be-


Next, we the people demand– STOP THEIR CHECKS! Revoke their medical coverage. Perks too!

They’ve violated a sworn oath.

Their’s is a revolt against the Commander-in-Chief, whom they refuse to respect.

Let the PEOPLE show them the door this election day by changing every seat!

Let’s run The DEMOCRATIC process without BIG money! 

Just as we did with Mitt Romney, we can’t allow MONEY to buy this unfit person into the United States presidency.

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