DT LOVES The ‘POORLY EDUCATED,’ but we’re a smarter nation than to elect a ‘Loose Canon’ with Klan supporters! (c)2016

DT’s GOP support proves by NOT having national uniform reading standards schools failed white, AND black children alike.

These people are his ‘low information’ voters.

We also wonder the highest grade level completed by the ‘poorly educated?’

From the looks of everything Trump’s given closeted bigotry a voice so let’s be clear. 

You can’t blame President Obama if you refused to learn basic fundamentals in writing, reading comprehension, and math 30 years ago.

Imagine a nation with skills mastered- a better educated one with strong  candidates in both parties. 

It’s too bad it took 40 years before someone noticed the fascist element expansion since the Black man’s reelection.

Even if you’re born with ‘white privilege’ it only gets you so far. If  you’re not ‘smarter than a 2nd-grader’-forget the 5th grade. 

Take this level, and add billions…that’s the threat to democracy.

This pent up rage is looking for an outlet. 

It’s Tump.

My advice to any person without a grade school education is to go back, and get those skills. 

One’s never too old to learn, those seeking to become our nation’s leaders would do well to follow suit.

Everyone better read, register, and vote.

We’ve a smarter nation than this…

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