Apocalypse NOW!(c)2016

Voters, it’s time to become AMERICANS United against Trump in 2016. 

We’re faced with mindsets from the Civil War, and some Democrats act like Republicans knowing well the law about a house divided?

It will fall.

America(I’m not speaking only to Democrats), do you really want this Klan supported crybaby to win? 

As GOP zombies fall in line for Trump, Democrats, and ALL citizens–please get it together. 

Let’s unite, drop the egos, and vote blue. 

From the facts we’ve checked Hillary Clinton’s on the verge of becoming the Democratic nominee, and our first woman president. 

If she’s supports continuing the progress of the Obama legacy, social justice, fighting for Social Security we support her 100%. 

We must save our country from this facism.

Who cares about a frigging speech she made or how much she was paid? 

We should be more disturbed by the narcissism of a person who feels he’s ENTITLED to be president simply because he’s rich, and white(or in this case, orange).

Unless Clinton supported ISIS, her speeches/fees are irrelevant. 

Do they hate she earns a high income speaking? What’s the problem? The real problem?

Trump faults her for Bill’s indiscretions, and who does this? It’s ridiculous, and hypocritical when the Clintons are STILL MARRIED, and Trump’s on his THIRD.

Trump married an immigrant, but lies and calls her a “model”-in his attempts to upgrade her, but she’s the same model who posed naked on his plane, photos all over the Internet, this is the woman he cheated on Marla Maples with. Now he wants us to welcome her as a “First Lady?”

Melania, his wife was a nude model. That’s truth. 

Another truth is hiding his taxes.

But he won’t budge- even with the word out he pays nearly zero. Very dishonest. Shady. This isn’t fair to the rest of us.

Trump’s a tax cheat(your tax returns are the people’s business)!

He has no credibility. 

My point is, WE DON’T HAVE TIME to waste. 

Klan members are now signing up to be delegates.

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