It’s not about winter…it’s about race(c)2016

I just wrote to a friend about solutions to the hate we witnessed last week.The heartbreaking sadness, and history of police brutality, of civil unrest, the unending list of names–we’re tired of still seeing this…

It’s been happening all our lives. 

It boggles the mind, and heart. When I first taught Afro-American history, and literature, I was accused of teaching hate(crazy & not), when in fact we were ahead of the biased deadbeats. 

Now, the results of an undereducated, ignorant, and miseducated nation are showing.
Half the adult population can’t read a map, or find places on a globe. 
I’m not talking about just some Black people.

Lack of knowledge among grown people is appalling.

Those who watch videos all day…

Families who never read, only watch Fox News, and without a spiritual foundation-this doesn’t make a country great.
This nation needs re-education, cops need sensitivity training(and Black history lessons), in order to better understand what they do.

When, and if institutional racism, and white privilege is checked, a higher level consciousness raised, we could change a few things…

I’d like to see punishment befitting the crime, rather than men profiled, accused, and executed in our city streets.
The gun, and use of force should be as a LAST RESORT, not the FIRST response!

We want justice for Americans slaughtered in our streets by those paid to protect, and serve.

Otherwise, you’ll encourage, and stir up ill vigilantes from all sides…

We need peaceful solutions, healing, and an end to “privilege.”

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