The Maddening Threat of a Trump Presidency…

Racism is a centuries old, deadly disease.
Let’s continue to expose it.

Making people accountable such as the guilty officers in Freddie Gray’s death would’ve helped.

Weeding out Klan mentality types from law enforcement would also be a start.
Blame the Birthers, GOP bosses, a racist Congress(where are the jobs, and vote on the Supreme Court justice?), corporate media, the “poorly educated” followers, and clueless reporters who ignore the madness, and utter biases of an unglued Trump.

We must register, and vote so this carnival barker doesn’t get into the White House. 

Trump’s a Birther who lied about sending investigators to ‘check’ the birth certificate of the president!
Accused of raping a child of 13(no media outrage). (Imagine someone else named Barack being accused!).

No INCOME taxes shown(no media OUTRGRAGE!), and we MUST vote OUT EVERY republican responsible for this threat to our lives! 
If we sit it out, don’t vote, we’ll wake up to a nightmare far worse than anything we could ever imagine. 
Trump speaks in racial code, and would usher in a more visible POLICE STATE, with Russian influence.

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