Remembering Mike Brown this Saturday in solidarity

I’m watching MSNBC, and manical representative Peter King defame a child.

Teenager Michael Brown was a criminal to him. Yet con man Donald Trump is qualified to be president, according to King.

He’s gonna defend the bigot to the end, but not surprising since he’s racist too.

We understand the irrational support.

It doesn’t matter anyway.

Exposed now, they linked together, and share a superior mentality complex.

Since they continue to lie about Michael Brown, we will continue to give the facts.

There’s no proof he committed a robbery, or assaulted Darren Wilson to the point where he had to die. Yet supporters raised a million dollars(or more), so former officer Wilson could live a new life. A life he denied Michael Brown.

Wilson should face federal civil rights, and be incarcerated, especially if he was involved in any hate groups such as the infamous KKK.

History proves our lives NEVER mattered to them.

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