Don’t let him get away with Birtherism or Assassination Calls

The latest disturbing comments from the deranged GOP nominee should call for his immediate arrest in this second open threat towards Secretary Clinton.

This nation must say, -‘enough is enough’as he’s setting up a very disturbing invitation, and we want to know whose obligation is it to stop this madness?

Don’t we? Our civic duty, and a collective sense of responsibility as citizens is upon us.

What about our corporate press?

They have failed us by allowing a platform, and space to festering Birtherism talk from a moron.

Besides being ignorant, bigoted, openly treasonous, a threat to national security, and safety it’s beyond comprehension why this candidate isn’t sitting in the back of a Secret Service vehicle instead of being protected by one.

Privilege. Ahh… let’s not forget about that. Of course this could change. But he’s mainstreamed hate already…

Besides the CBC, and Hillary Clinton, Republicans should condemn him.

Stop allowing him to change the narrative. We must fight this abnormal situation where an American political party’s hijacking by a con man doesn’t con us into taking any aspect of this as anything but life threatening!

By making suggestions such as,”let’s see what happens to her…” he’s put ideas out there beneath the dignity of the position he’s seeking.

He just proved his inability to lead anything but a lynch mob, and no one in his right mind should vote for this dangerous one.

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