The Election is only rigged if you don’t vote!

When someone accuses another of some negativity, its always the loudest mouth with the problem, and the real guilty one.
If I were advising Hillary, I’d suggest she slam him with his upcoming rape trial involving a 13 year-old child, and his refusal to acknowledge the damage done to the Central Park Five by his hateful ’89 ad calling for their deaths as innocent teens.
That’s his legacy with females, and the Black community.
Now talking about ‘a rigged’ election because he can’t accept losing… so he’s lying now.
It’s FEAR because ALL voters, people of color, as well as the conscious don’t want a racist idiot as POTUS so his feelings are hurt.
He feels the tsunami coming on November 8th, but publicly calls on his cult to vote the 28th, and to watch us?

Crazy, and illegal…This election will reveal whether hate wins over common sense, or if we’re ready to finally send racism to its grave, with a stake to theheart.

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