“August Wilson is a master and Fences is a masterpiece…What’s most important to me is that I take care of his words and his will for this play…”– Denzel Washington, Essence
“It’s not always that a director can say one thing that unlocks a scene when you’re blocked, especially a scene that you’ve done so many times, but Denzel did that time and time again. He has a huge honesty gauge, so when he asked me to trust him, I did…”— Viola Davis, EssenceEssence features two award-winning Hollywood powerhouses for its split-cover December issue (with a special duo cover as well!) After scoring Tony Awards for their performances in the Broadway revival of Fences, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis reunite for the on-screen adaptation of Fences—playwright August Wilson’s seminal work about family, friendship and the bitter sting of lost dreams. Can anyone say, “Oscar Buzz”?  

Cover Photography Credit: Kwaku Alston/Essence

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