The Obama Blues…

Now with President Obama’s final week in office it’s hitting some Americans hard- the nation’s first Afro-American president’s term limit is up.

Well…he made us proud.

Yes he did.

TWICE elected, President Obama voted against the Iraq war, brought us back from economic collapse, leaves office with below 5% unemployment rate, no terrorist attack, caught Bin Laden, saved the auto industry, released hundreds of non-violent incarcerated people, and much more.

If history is accurate in reporting these and other facts, he will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents in our lifetime, but not without controversy.

The historic stain of racism interfered of course. Color still matters.  Some are just awakening to learn we’re in the midst of a 21st century civil war.

The hate that fueled a Tea Party was in the works, energized after the president’s 2008 landslide win, and climaxed when a mass of misinformed/non voters clinched the past election.

It didn’t help that the Supreme Court dismantled the Voter Protection Act under false pretenses of post racial harmony; along with gerrymandering, illegal voter suppression tactics in North Carolina, long lines, and 100 million eligibles who decided not to vote. To hell with past sacrifices of the 50’s and 60’s. That didn’t impress them. There was no urgency to. Even as we witnessed incredible rudeness to President Obama.

We heard a disrespectful congressman yell, “you lie” who wasn’t expelled by capital police. We saw an arrogant, uncooperative, and unwilling Congress consistently refusing to work on ANY level to benefit the American people. Stole his spot for Supreme Court nominee by Mitch McConnell.

Congress hasn’t earned their salaries or health coverage in almost a decade.

Why? They did NADA, because this man was really, part African, and his mother being a Caucasian woman was just too much to comprehend. American history will document how these biased cowards in Congress so not fond of his interracial mix, refused to work with him due to their pledge as obstructionists bigots.

In doing so, they harmed the nation’s progress, and mandated agenda.

Republicans behaved as spoiled bullies/sore losers by shutting down the government against a popular president due to his hue. 

They fought him for 8 years. Now, they’ve got a serious threat. Deadly even. If they don’t backtrack on the health program American blood will be on their hands. 

W.E.B DuBois thought color was a 20th century problem. Unfortunately it’s still here. White privilege insists on having its way even in the halls of government.

So, since they refused to accept Barack Hussein Obama as an equal-no matter how intelligent, open-minded, or conciliatory he was, and denied him total privilege as Commader-in-Chief, don’t look for any favors now.

During the past 8 years, a crude racist was rising on the Birther train, and no one tried to stop him.

The  unrelenting attacks on his birth certificate were so disrespectful it turned the party of Lincoln so low, it’s no longer recognized. After the so-called “Tea Party” Express hopped on the outrageous Supremacists bandwagon it was unwilling to save itself.

History won’t be kind to Mitch McConell and his ‘gang.’How the GOP group met the night of the inauguration, and vowed to work against the new president.(They hardly worked at all), and what they’re now -politically racist thugs.

Currently, the desire to undermine our leader, and dismantle democracy were acts of sedition. 

This is a land they want us to believe belongs to White Nationalists, even if they wear suits with red ties pandering to hate. They’re still wrong!

There were people here before the pilgrims, but these are facts they ignore.

Now, hypocritical McConnell has the gall to state how awful the Russian’s puppet is being treated.(His wife has a job in waiting after all).

“We didn’t do this to Obama!”

Oh, yes you did, and also refused to call him Mr. President! It’s always OBAMA!

Makes one wonder…Congress is going to miss this man when he leaves office in a way much different from his supporters.

The GOP must find someone new, and it won’t be Congressman John Lewis.

The baffling, incoherent red puppet’s henchmen’s told journalists they’ll be no more ‘press room’ at the White House. 

Yet, these same reporters must be chided for breaking the tradition of standing up-out of courtesy to the Commander-in-Chief when he walks into the press conference room. Every president was given this courtesy, except President Obama.

Why didn’t they stand up for him!?

Finally …we’ll always remember the affectionate love, and mutual respect the First Couple displayed to each other in front of the world; their class, and grace, how they included the first grandmother, a woman who perhaps never dreamed her son-in-law would have her flying on Air Force One!

President Obama, our exemplar First Lady Michelle; daughters Malia, and Natasha, inspired, and delighted us as we saw them(with Sunny, and Bo)grow in the White House.

They made it ‘The People’s House.’
We wish them well, and God speed.

Thank you, above all, Mr. President for your love of country, keeping us safe, never losing courage, and reminding us of the work still ahead.

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