The Menace of #45

In less than 100 days we’ve witnessed the unraveling of madness in the White House by a profoundly ignorant Russian puppet ruining the nation, and the planet. 

A small minded, sexist, accused predator now lives in the White House!

A birther in office once held mostly by men of character, and courage. With a presidential history that doesn’t exclude; one corrupt Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan’s union busting, and the 19 century tale of rape, and sexual exploitation of Sally Hemings by Thomas Jefferson,–45’s exhibitions of white privilege should be a lesson to end tribalism in America.
Just by putting, ‘lipstick on a pig’ doesn’t change a nasty animal.

Close your eyes, and imagine if 45 were Black, and wasn’t rich. Do you think his privileges would be revoked?

Weekends in Palm Beach playing golf- he’s draining the treasury, but needs to cut “Meals on Wheels”…such hypocrisy!

Then there’s nepotism; a son-in-law with twenty jobs(yet qualifies for none), and the undeniable Russian ties…

Putin hacked our democracy. Now this “useful idiot”destroys our nation from within. 
How much longer are we going to watch this live? Naked corruption to its core. When are the charges coming?

President Obama warned 45 about North Korea. Did he pay any attention?

Only Congresswoman Maxine Waters-one of the few brave voices who keeps saying we must charge, impeach, and remove this cancerous individual.
It’s clear as spring water he’s unfit, and too ignorant to maintain the powers of the presidency. 

This is for stronger, intelligent, stable, more capable men, or women.

America must stop the madness; immediately remove from office “that one” who gained the position with Putin’s help.

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