“That Russian Thing…”

In one week we’ve seen the FBI Director’s job snatched in the middle of an investigation, threatened in a ditzy tweet, then less than 30 hours later #45 met with Russian agents in the Oval Office. No American journalists allowed. Why?

Now it’s revealed classified information was divulged.

It’s time to stop this madman, and his madness. The lack of discipline, total ignorance, and 45’s gross incompetence has reached a crisis point never before witnessed in modern history.

Lives now at risk due to his ego. He doesn’t seem to take the lives of intelligence agents seriously. 

We, the people, do.

This daily chaos must end. The white privilege allowing this must end.

45 MUST be held accountable. 

The GOP’s birther-in-chief’s plan to undo our democracy for Putin is happening in the People’s house.

Unfortunately, this seems to have been the plan-to undo every accomplishment of the first Black president, and eventually undo democracy if we don’t move fast!

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