President Trump Stands By Original Charlottesville Remarks -What’s New?

Well, who’s surprised?

Trump made it clear his entire life if you follow the family history-they believe they’re from a superior gene pool!

By now we know his father was arrested at a Klan rally in Queens. So Fred Trump was racist. He taught his son not to rent to Blacks, and I recall after my family moved from Brooklyn to this “Forrest borough” I experienced it right on the block we lived.

Birthers in Queens are no different than those in the South.

Yet he’s an ignorant con man who lies as he breathes. A soulless individual; selfish, self-absorbed, and a sociopath.

His past, and current actions say so.

Sabotaging the Affordable Care Act, just because the first Black president made it possible with past efforts by former presidents, Senator Ted Kennedy, and former First Lady Hillary Clinton is proof he’s with Russia, and his love for Putin knows no limits.

Everything he and his ill equipped cabinet is doing(including taking military flights when they could ride Amtrack), is stealing from the treasury-our tax money, and he thinks he’s getting even with those who didn’t vote for him by reversing progressive policies.

His “pay back” is to hit back with disrupting democracy.

We must stop him via impeachment, or removal for mental instability.

If he somehow manages to escape Muller’s obstruction of justice charges(which we’re praying he won’t), just makes sure we borrow Mitch’s dream that failed on Pres. Obama- make this joke a one term thing.

America really can’t afford(to quote Rex Tillerson), have an f$&@?!& moron in the White House.

This cat’s got to go!

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