“Tackle him if he goes for the ‘football’.”

I know most of us heard the latest from the renamed-“Adult Day Care” located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Now it’s not so much about 45’s saying;

“ I hate everyone in the White House!”

It’s not his daily obsession with anything Black- from athletes, to destroying the legacy of Barack Obama, to ESPN’s Writers, to blaming Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria—this guy’s out to lunch, and never came back.

It’s not even the Klan, but his never ending obsession now with nukes.

We’ve had it with this brat already.

He’s behaving worse as Dr. “Evil” and we don’t have to tolerate an insane, moronic person at the seat of power, America!!!

Yesterday on MSNBC(who I still hold accountable for what they, and other media outlets did to help this fool get elected in the first place), a pundit asked since 45’s mindless brain can’t seem to stand the pressure of Russiagate —is he crazy enough to start a war to distract us?

Of course!

That’s why we now hear Gen. John Kelly doesn’t want him out of his sight.

But the most important thing the pundit asked was this;

“If he goes for the codes will they tackle him?”

The answer was the affirmative.

However the other fact is this guy is so densely ignorant of the Constitution and rule of law when told he could be removed via the 25th amendment he asked-

“What’s that?”

Tackle him…

I rest my case.

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