Moore is unfit…Jones’ an unsung Civil Rights hero

Moore is no ChristianHe’s a filthy pedophile who demands we overlook this fact. As a 32 year-old man, this district attorney took a 14-year old to his house, and molested her.

This ‘attorney’ whose creepy behavior got him BANNED from Alabama malls now wants to be a U.S. Senator?

Why? So he can continue pursuing young girls who’ll keep quiet?

Or is he just a body to vote on increased taxes for Trump’s enemies?

The democratic opponent, Doug Jones is a worthy candidate, and in old Alabama he wasn’t considered a hero. Why?

As a civil Rights attorney he fought, and won justice for the Klan murders of four young Black girls in the basement of a church bombing in Montgomery.

The Klan thought they got away. Doug Jones was 9 years old then. When he grew up, and graduated from law school he pursued, prosecuted, and won this old case. The surviving Klan murderers were found guilty.

Is this why Trump’s against the Democrat?

Remember his father, Fred Trump was arrested at a Klan rally in Queens.

45’s also been accused in court documents for raping a 14 year-old girl himself.

He has several very disturbing photos of him with his own young daughter Ivanka, and has admitted if she wasn’t his;

…”I’d probably be dating her.”

What normal parent speaks this way? None!!!

If it’s true ‘birds of a feather flick together…”

Then it perfectly clear why it’s true of rich, white child molesters…

They feel entitled! Or so they think. Voters in Alabama, remember Moore was kicked OFF the bench twice!

Remember these young girls because 45 wants you to believe by pursing justice for them makes Jones “…terrible on crime.” While he continues to commit hideous crimes of his own.

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