President Obama was NOT Putin’s Negro, but 45 is!

PURGE them!!

Tillerson, 45, and ALL of Putin’s puppet crew.

They’re destroying democratic institutions while the idiot distracts with moronic tweets.

Now, they’ve removed ALL upper ranking Black, and Latino foreign service personnel from the State Department.

Sounds like Putin’s orders.

President Obama was NOT Vladimir’s Negro…

But it looks like 45 is.

This doesn’t mean Trump’s turned Black.(God help us), but we can’t help thinking what would the situation look like if the current president was a person of color.

Even more so, what if this had been our former president causing such confusion, division, and security risks? Think he’d survive?

Would he be held accountable for supporting a free wheeling child molester?

Did we ever think ANY adult should have to ponder whether or not to send a sexual fiend to the Senate chambers of the United States Congress?

This is beyond desperate. It’s evil, and immoral.

Anyone who votes for Moore is saying it’s okay with me!

We won’t hide our children…they’re all yours!

That’s what you say if you elect him.

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