Emptying the Treasury

Notice all the free rides by certain cabinet members? Taxpayers funded!

These are gross charges, and taxpayers demand they pay it back. We’re watching Putin’s puppet, as they flex their nerves to copy his greed. Make America Broke Again is their theme song, and goal.

In order to restore honesty, and dignity to the nation we are turning out at the polls in November. Let’s remove destructive traitors-Ryan, Nunes, Hatch, McConnell, and the hateful bunch of narrow minded white men who still hate Barack Obama.

It never ceased. They’re the most destructive group in Congress, as are the voters who put them there.

Every last one has taken Russian/Koch brothers dark money.

It’s time for them to go. Pack your bags, let’s shut them down so we the people can end this nightmare. It’s been on for too long. VOTE!

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