The Race Bait & Putin’s puppet(c)2018

Bigotry by a “president” is unacceptable, and in this case it’s no surprise.

45’s goal in spewing white supremancy is to divert attention from Russian ties.

However, the latest racist insult and his gross incompetence(we were warned), is beyond dangerous…its proof he’s unfit for the job.

A ‘clear and present danger’ to all people of color is he.

The plan to divide and conquer us.

His rhetoric encourages hate mainstream.

This vile person has been instructed to morph America into Russia.

The ‘fear of a brown planet’ by Putin’s puppet is pure ignorance, and deplorable, but now he’s making policy because he’s mad at the courts?

We, the people, must hold him accountable.

This wanna be dictator is a national security risk who must be removed!

The American people successful moved Nixon out during Watergate.

Now, right now, it’s time to rinse, and repeat.

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