Stop Separating Immigrant Families!

Trump started this, and now he must end the trauma, child abuse, and misery for over 2,000 children.

All 45 need do is call the despised Sessions, and stop this family separation crisis he created with Steven(the Nazi), Miller, and ex-‘aide’ Steve Bannon(now promoting the virtues of white ignorance supremacy in Italy, and Germany).

Their premise is the idea of superiority, and they demonstrate it by using the goon’s position to push their personal bigoted agendas, and call it “policy” when it’s racism against brown people. Plain, and simple.

With Sessions mocking the Bible he should realize people know;

“…even the devil can quote scripture.”

We have zero tolerance for ICE snatching babies, toddlers, young children, and disappearing with them(after telling parents), ‘I’m going to give your child a bath.”

Or storing adolescents in old Walmart’s.

The only children seen have been males over 10 years old.

With our representatives being denied entry, or information of the babies, and young girls’s locations, this type of behavior can’t be tolerated. Find them, and let’s get them back to their families! The trauma is permanent.

We, the people, need to call our Senators, reps, and the White House DAILY to drop this racist, degrading mistreatment, raise our voices loudly, and keep at it until they listen, and ACT!

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