Putin’s party’s is over!

America’s determined to dump trump!

Don’t get too comfortable Putin, you thug/chump. Your boy’s about to be evicted, and so are you.
Americans know you ordered 13 fellow Russian cyber spy hackers to infiltrate the Republican Party, and social media with ‘precision.’
And you laugh hoping Americans will repeat 2016, but the majority are awake, up, and voting.
We’re on to you; the fake Blacks on Facebook, and Twitter, misspellings being a key identifier of KGB agents who’ve saturated social platforms again, but we’re smarter.
We know the country where we were enslaved isn’t perfect, but it’s ours, and we’re NOT letting YOU control us with White Supremacy’s biggest dope.
We, the people of America, are ready.
The ‘revolution’ came to an end in the 70’s. Some people were meant to miss it.
If you weren’t born during the 50s, 60s, 70s or anytime during the Civil Rights Era, that was the time of movements; FBI Director(for over 30 years)Hoover targeted his assassins at Black Panther Fred Hampton, and 20 Panther headquarters across the country, Malcolm X shot, Jim Crow style killings of Dr. King, Medgar Evers, Viola Luigi, and four little girls…3 civil rights workers murdered in Mississippi.

Revolution means ‘change’ and the biggest change needed now is US uniting to rid ourselves of chump.
Numero uno!
Hope the Russian people rise up, kick your arse, and ban you to a Siberian prison.
Maybe we’ll ship your puppet with you.
A taxpayer who also wants the next president to repeal taxing Social Security, and retirement checks(started with Ronald Regan), especially for people who worked all their lives, and were promised no taxes on retirement income.

Let’s ask Bernie, and Joe about this!

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