Give N.Y. the Ventilators!

This sociopath will be held responsible for every fatality related to the corona virus.
In 2018 trump got rid of, and defunded the plans President Obama had ready in place due to jealousy, pettiness, and perhaps on Putin’s advice.(He met with Russians the last day of the impeachment hearings).
Two months ago they had a great opportunity to warn the country, and get prepared to avoid mass death, but he stayed mute while it circulated from international travelers landing in major cities, arteries into dense populations.

No public alerts. No warning to American
citizens, potential voters this fall.

His evil nature, and gross pettiness is costing American lives by the second.
In 4 weeks experts predict 100 million people will be infected overflowing our hospitals.

Give New York the ventilators!

P. S.
Vote him out this November.
If he so much as tries to manipulate, in any way, our right to fair and free elections, let’s remind him who’d be in charge if he tries…his worst nightmare-
Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

So, ‘do it.’

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