The Lingering Odor of Trumpism

Jim Jordan. Musty traitor Green. Crazy Gosar. Gaetz, the predator uncharged as of 2023. The pitiful Kevin who once had the cojones to tell frumpy. “Who the f$&? are you talking to? Now, once that came out he ran down to headquarters to kiss the devil’s hand.

Everyone remember, everything the party of hate says about the ‘other side’ is propaganda and projection. Trump is the world’s worst wannabe dictator. He is a virus worst than Covid.

Trump’s responsible for the over a million COVID deaths that began on his watch. He did absolutely nothing to save lives.

His cruelty continued with Steven Miller’s plan to separate families at the border. 45 rushed to execute black inmates.

How many times did he undermined world order by freeing Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan, and withdrawing funds from Africa? He did it to mess up things for President Joe Biden. Make him look bad for things he manipulated.

45 is the epitome of evil, had four years to plant his minions and evildoers in the American institutions he once mangled when in control. Get them out, especially the guy heading the post office.

This country needs to get rid of 45’s corruption in the system. America has to stop allowing criminals to run for the highest office in the land. We’re hurting ourselves.

Trump’s unqualified, is a fascist career criminal who should NOT be allowed or even considered to run for office. We all know that he doesn’t care about the people. He runs from justice and accountability. He thinks the presidency is a “get out of jail card.’ It’s not!

Frumpy is running from justice by running for president. Let’s remind people everyday.

Voters have to stop him in his tracks! We need to get rid of the odor of trump. Forever!

Never again!

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