The Lingering Odor of Trumpism

Inauguration Day was the official end of Donald Trump’s illegitimate, and destructive four years in the White House.

However, the damage done to our democracy is forever seared in history with the attempted coup on January 6th.

The latest toll is 6 dead with a second officer committing suicide.

This is Trump’s fault for lying, and denying he lost a free, and fair election. One of the reasons the election was so secure due to a pandemic was an awareness, and action of million of early voters to choose paper ballots. They were counted as money in the bank. More Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans voted in 2020. We kicked voter suppression to ‘the curb.’

Putin’s goons couldn’t hack this paper, and thanks to grassroots organizations, people by the thousands voted for the first time. It all added up to total defeat for a Republican party that has transformed into a party of fascist traitors.

QANON heads are now in Congress, and all must be exposed, and expelled.

The 147 Republicans who don’t want to punish Trump must go. Demand they are replaced, otherwise we will continue to fight the enemy within. As a famous poet once wrote;

“…they’ve got the constitution on the run.”

Not only on the run, but the insanity of not ever reading it. It’s real, and we must stay alert, and get ready to weed them out again in 2023.

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