America at the brink?

According to corporate media, America is at the brink. Will there be a civil war? What do we want, democracy or authoritarianism?

Ever since President Joe Biden, and Vice-President Kamala Harris were elected in the safest and most secure election in history there’s been nothing but backlash. Immediately, the moronic sore loser put plan in place and repeatedly spread the biggest lie that the election he lost by over 7 million votes was rigged.

The truth is voters of all colors, especially the youth, and first timers came out ‘ the woodwork’ to get rid of this traitor trash criminal who sickened us with his greed, and COVID lies. His brat behavior in full exhibition. DT is the second virus. His criminal homicidal neglect, and constant lying cost hundreds of thousands of American lives unnecessarily.

Trump is the reason we still have COVID today. It’s because of what he refused to do yesterday. As in the beginning of the pandemic. What’s worse is Russian inspired media like Fox made a business of propaganda and fake/false news. Fox, NewsOne, OAN, are just three agents of bigotry working together with American oligarchs who’d rather see this nation destroyed than risk having a POC, or a future Black female as president. This is why the dogs are out attacking Vice-President Kamala Harris. It’s the reason ‘senators’ like Cruz, and Kennedy are falling apart over the next Supreme Court justice. They don’t even know her name which is laughable. However it highlighted how they are deplorable, and despicable excuses for men.

Lies spread faster than the truth. In over two hundred years of this ‘experiment’ the biggest mistake America keeps repeating is NOT holding accountable rich white men, (and women)for their crimes. From the police woman who was sentenced just two years for taking a young man’s life, to the crime spree of the trump family, all of these injustices must come to an end.

From slavery until now, the system of justice always had two tiers; one for Blacks and one for whites. The time for recognition, and ending this atrocious inequality is now.

If we want to keep this fragile democracy all criminals must pay for attempting to overthrow the government and the peaceful transfer of power on January 6th, 2021.

This means the trump criminal enterprise and all involved must be charged. The Law must apply to all. The current president can invoke executive orders to remedy some of the illegal laws Republicans passed in states to subvert the people’s will. We must not allow insurrectionists on school boards or elect them to Secretary of States. We don’t need sycophants, and anti-democratic forces running to ruin elections. We can improve and change Congress this November by voting in six more Democratic senators. This way we won’t depend on ‘prima Donnas’ in order to pass the George Floyd Police reform, the John Lewis, and the People voting rights bills, and make them permanent!

Otherwise we won’t have any more elections that will be fair or free.

Now, for eliminating Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, etc., we have a suggestion. Law enforcement needs to take a page from, and start viewing hate groups the way J.Edgar Hoover treated the Black Panthers, or MOVE in Philadelphia. Put them under constant surveillance. You can arrest, and put them out of business for sedition. If necessary, use force, the same as the ‘no-knock’ raid on Fred Hampton. Or how they bombed MOVE, and killed five children.

We bet they won’t go that far…

The FBI must weed out these so-called neo-Nazi sympathizers, and make a dent and determined effort to destroy these traitorous organizations. Both the FBI, and the DOJ have resources to move swiftly, and deliberately, as time is running out.

Putin’s ‘useful idiot.’

Finally, corporate media has a job to do. Step in and do it. Stop pandering to the orange thug loser, and his thug liars. Are some of you experiencing the Stockholm syndrome? We elected a qualified president Putin can’t pull by the neck. Biden inherited a mess of corruption. Can we show respect for the fact President Biden is no patsy?

In less than a year into Biden’s presidency he got shots in arms with millions of free vaccines. National testing went up, $1500 in stimulus funds directly deposited into the bank accounts of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats…child credit at $300. per child. How is he at a low approval rating?

Did folks forget about how long trump took to literally hand over the keys? The White House was locked when the Bidens arrived. How tacky was that?

Trump did not cooperate on any level, especially on the international stage. He gave Afghanistan to the Taliban, and did everything he could to set Biden up for failure. The press is complicit in their silence.

Now we learn trump ate, flushed and removed top secret information. This is unacceptable for a myriad of reasons.

Our advice to all highly paid reporters; if you don’t investigate such stories you are complicit. Do your jobs,…research, and call a criminal out when you see one. Even if he’s Caucasian.

America is at the brink. Everyone has to stand up for democracy, facts, and truth.

Just because white supremacists don’t like the fact a multi-racial population will soon be the majority doesn’t give them the right to destroy the country or the American dream. If they are so in love with Russia why not expatriate yourselves? Please go with the tribes who share your views.

The rest of us are getting ready to run for office, and vote in November 2022.

Vote so we can pass police reform and end this abuse.

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