The Bully Putin must go!

As the world watched, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukrainian territory under the false belief he can make it part of Russia again. It is not. Yet he wants to dictate to the Ukrainian people which international organizations they can join like NATO, and EU.

If this evil tyrant can just send his military into sovereign land and completely bomb, and murder innocent civilians what makes him or Russia immune from similar retaliation? His threats of nuclear war? If Putin is the insane madman he appears to be it’s up to whom to reign him in? The Russian people now living behind an iron curtain of lies, and misinformation?

Since observing this 24/7 coverage of carnage all over the media, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if we saw what Russia did in Somalia, Syria, as well as Israel’s apartheid treatment of Palestinians, and how the Saudis are killing in Yemen. We don’t hear about them because of race preferences in media. It’s ridiculous. A world order of priorities that must be changed.

Despite this we see the bravery and unity of Ukraine’s president. He and the people are inspiring examples of banding together as one nation, and a lesson democracy watchers here can adhere to. However, the ever present stain of racism by border guards against African students was souring. In war, there should be no preference over color. All were victims of this violence. Everyone was trying to escape. Now, the guerrilla war against Russian forces has begun. Our prayers are with them, and hope they succeed in this unprecedented assault on innocent people.

While America watches it’s also disturbing to see Putin supporters in the GOP act out like soiled lunatics. Case in point, traitor Madison Hawthorn still in Congress after January 6th, now calling President Zelensky a ‘thug.’ Hawthorn should look in the mirror to see his thug. He, and others are unAmerican. They betray not only country but humanity. What a despicable thing to say in the midst of human suffering and war! It’s a vivid reminder of Putin’s influence on Trump and his minions. TFG called Putin’s move on Ukraine ‘genius’ but what does he know? His aides admitted he couldn’t locate Ukraine on a map yet the ignoramus have so much to say. The truth is if they love dictators so much why they don’t pack and move to Moscow? Be like David Duke, and others with apartments there.

Ukraine’s plight can happen here if we continue to allow the infusion of authoritarianism in America’s politics and unfair laws. The 2020 election was the most secure in history. Half of America voted by mail due to COVID 19. The wannabe be Putin guy, Trump, was so upset about his eviction from the people’s house that he, and his syndicate committed more crimes to maintain power. So the first thing we do is hold him accountable. We fix it so he can never run again. We went through hell. The clown was never qualified in the first place so what happened to voters in 2016? Or did the FBI’s Comey help?

Ukraine isn’t the only nation under siege. Yet, because, as one CBS correspondent bleeped out, they are of blues eyes, and blond hair. Get it together folks. If we don’t put back together the election system we had in place in 2020, we’re on the road to the grifters getting back in. We don’t want, nor need it. That would be madness.

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