The way I see it, you can’t fake a real birthday.

I recently read this book(I will withhold the title for now)where a woman claimed she became pregnant by a man in August, and had the baby in February. That would make him a premie @ six months. His actual birth in fact is in May, but she’s fabricated three different birth dates.

My questions are twofold; Why would a woman lie when simple math exposes the truth? Second. Why, (if you’re positive of the father’s identity) not hold him accountable? Why didn’t you sue him for child support, and acknowledge his seed? Why did you falter at this? Unless you are not sure it’s even the man’s seed is the only reason a woman would lie.

I think she was counting on no one noticing. Bitter, and resentful because she wasn’t ‘first’ to bear a man’s child she has now gone out of her way to market the falsehood. Instead of offering the court proof of her child’s paternity she attempted to discredit someone else who is proof positive, and conspired with a few people who, not realizing her financial motives got them to promote the other ‘big lie’ by saying he was “publicly acknowledged.” That’s not enough. That’s not good enough for providing serious family business, but it was apparently good enough for a corrupt judge to look the other way. These types of shenanigans are actually examples of fraud, defamation, and conspiracy to commit fraud committed in American courts. The parties involved will soon be revealed.

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